We are a global data, analytics, and technology company. We believe knowledge drives progress. Our unique data assets, technology and analytics transform knowledge into insights to power decisions that move people forward.

We serve as a consumer advocate, steward of financial literacy, and champion of economic advancement. As an innovative global company that enables access to credit, we’re part of breakthrough collaborations and innovations that address complex social challenges such as social welfare, community relations and financial education for underprivileged youth. We establish relationships that create economically healthy communities. We help individuals gain financial independence by increasing access to capital for small businesses. And we provide young adults entering college or university with financial education tools.

Every day, around the globe, we are Powering the World with Knowledge and helping
people live their financial best.




Y detrás de todo, está nuestra gente, la piedra angular de nuestro éxito. Son talentosos y creativos solucionadores de problemas, motivados por ayudar a otras personas a lograr sus metas. Son personas que adoptan nuestra forma de hacer las cosas; los procesos que tienen una historia de impactar positivamente el mundo que nos rodea

Valores: Nuestra gente está en el corazón de nuestro éxito. Lo que creemos y la forma en que actuamos se encuentran en el centro de cómo cumpliremos nuestro propósito de ayudar a la gente a alcanzar su mejor capacidad financiera.





Our Value

Over the last decade, we have developed the best and most unique data in the world to help businesses make the right decisions for their customers. Coupled with our leading analytics capabilities, we deliver the knowledge that enables Equifax to provide our customers with better insights, greater flexibility, and faster time to market. At the same time, we’re also helping consumers by providing the personal information, education, and tools they need to make better financial decisions.

Our Communities

Our purpose is to help people live their financial best. We strive to create economically healthy individuals and communities everywhere we do business. We approach this in two ways: our business and operational (ESG) impact and foundation work in the community.

Powering the world with knowledge goes beyond helping people make more informed business and personal decisions.At Equifax, we’re deeply committed to the communities where we live and work, and are dedicated to sharing our resources, our time, and our volunteers.

At Equifax, we believe Corporate Social Responsibility is bigger than simple philanthropic investments. By leveraging our employees’ skillsets and their desire to make a contribution, we are able to create a positive and measurable impact. To enrich the communities in which we live and work. To improve the financial capability, and ultimately contribute to a brighter future for consumers around the world.