A wide range of complementary modules of Cyberfinancial

A wide range of complementary modules of Cyberfinancial is available, they are designed to increase the value and profitability of the fundamental modules. With these complementary modules, it’s possible to increase the return of the investment in CyberFinancial.


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When your companie uses CyberFinancial, your will have the following benefits:

  • Increasing the profitability of the portfolios

  • Automating the collection in Call Centers integrating predictive dialers

  • Managing collections through external recovery agencies

  • Managing legal collection processes

  • Providing tools for executives and agents of branches and from door to door collection process

  • Automating the customer contact through various channels

  • Defining, evaluating and selecting the best strategies to improve performance

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The solution for the collection of credits using legal processes.

When all resources of administrative collections have been used without results, the recovery of delinquent accounts through legal processes becomes the alternative to collect and to improve the portfolio. CyberLegal is the module of CyberFinancial designed to improve collections through legal processes, it helps in the control and follow up of collection lawsuits, records the costs and keeps track of the dates and dead lines of each stage of the legal process appropriately.

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Automates all the activities of the people involved with the administrative collection of delinquent accounts.

This module is designed for administrative collections, providing accurate tracking of collection activities and behavior of each customer and credit. It simplifies preventive and corrective collection. CyberCredit interfaces with any credit application and is able to receive all desired information of current and past due portfolio.

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Collection management and control through external agencies.

CyberAgency distributes accounts to debt collection agencies using clear and objective business rules. Collectors from outside agencies may use CyberAgency on line to keep track of their activity, input actions taken and results obtained such as promises to pay. Another way to exchange information with the agencies is via file exchange.

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Designed to manage and collect write off credits.

The recovery efforts of Write Off accounts depend on how well the collection strategies are designed and implemented to achieve the desired results.

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Collection through Executives in branches and Regional Centers.

The collection at branches is a choice of customer intimacy, personal attention and understanding of the particular needs of each debtor to reach a payment agreement.

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Management of foreclosed assets, which are received in payment or awarded in court.

When as a result of a legal sentence it is necessary to foreclose an asset or when a debtor deeds in lieu an asset as payment of a credit, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools that allow the reception, management and sell of the asset.

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Highly efficient decision networks, considering the consolidated risk at the customer or account level.

The information about collection serves at least for three purposes: define strategies that fulfill and produce the best results, provide to the collectors enough information, clear and timely to negotiate with the customers and produce the adequate reports and collection indicators for measurement and follow up of the results.

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