Custom Analytical Models Development

Custom Score models tailored to your needs, through the use of advanced statistical techniques to implement customized formulas for estimating the credit risk, behavior of customers is a portfolio, loss prevention and prioritization in collection process.

Equifax analytical models can consider a wide range of attributes from different data sources such as debt information and delinquency. Additionally, these models may include information requests or internal attributes that each institution handles in its internal repositories.


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Analytical models Equifax will provide the following benefits:

  • Elimination of subjectivity in decision-making: objectivity and consistency
  • Increased lending rate and risk reduction in the acquiring new customers process
  • Establishment of the offers based on the level of risk
  • Assessment portfolios for segmentation and implementation of cross-selling strategies and customer loyalty
  • Portfolio assessment to optimize processes of sale or purchase
  • Flexibility in analysis processes and adjust their business strategies