Collection management and control through external agencies

CyberAgency distributes accounts to debt collection agencies using clear and objective business rules. Collectors from outside agencies may use CyberAgency on line to keep track of their activity, input actions taken and results obtained such as promises to pay. Another way to exchange information with the agencies is via file exchange.

It has several methods to calculate commissions, measure performance and the fulfillment of service level agreements by the agencies. CyberAgency keeps track of the accounts assigned to each agency and calculates key performance indicators (e.g. number and amount of accounts assigned, worked and collected, etc) it also helps in the calculation and reconciliation of agency commission fees.

A characteristic of CyberAgency and the other modules of CyberFinancial, is the flexibility to adapt to the way in which collections are made in each institution.

Benefits of using CyberAgency

  • Increases the collection amounts.

  • Improves the productivity of the external recovery agencies.

  • Stops aging of the portfolio.

  • Makes easy the management and control of external offices of collection.

  • Greater productivity of the people in charge of managing the external agencies.

  • Improves the consistency in the way customers are treated by internal and external collectors.

  • Control of the costs of operation with agencies.

  • Diminishes the support calls of external agencies.

  • Assures the consistent application of the collection strategies.

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