Management of foreclosed assets, which are received in payment or awarded in court

When as a result of a legal sentence it is necessary to foreclose an asset or when a debtor deeds in lieu an asset as payment of a credit, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools that allow the reception, management and sell of the asset.

CyberAssets is the CyberFinancial module that makes it simple to manage repossessed assets. It helps the user to manage the asset portfolio all the way until its sold.

CyberAssets keeps track of the inventory of all assets and the location of each one. It helps in the management during the foreclosure process of each asset and facilitates the administration of the sell process of the different types of assets.

There are many types of assets that may be received. Because of that, CyberAssets makes it simple to define new asset types, their specific attributes and characteristics. This way, any kind of asset may be managed, being able to register on the system relevant data or documents for each type.

One special feature of CyberAssets, and of all other modules of CyberFinancial is its flexibility to adapt to the collection model of each institution.

Benefits of CyberAssets

  • Total control of the assets.
  • It helps to avoid the reserves generation for unsold assets.
  • Shortens the sales cycle.
  • Improves the consistency of the information of the assets received.
  • Generates an asset sales forecast.
  • Makes it easy to manage third parties and brokers that promote the assets.
  • Avoids the loss of value of the assets due to lack of attention or management.
  • Impacts in a positive way the recovery and the balance sheet of the institution.
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