Collection through Executives in branches and Regional Centers

The collection at branches is a choice of customer intimacy, personal attention and understanding of the particular needs of each debtor to reach a payment agreement.

CyberBranch automates the collection process of branch and/or regional center executives. Makes it easy to assign the portfolio to each executive or branch, allows access to customer and credit information, keeps track of all the collection activity and defines the next contact date to follow up until debtor pays in full. Promises to pay are captured, validated, followed up and qualified automatically. CyberBranch maintains the inventory of the portfolio assigned to each executive and calculates performance indicators, it also facilitates the calculation and conciliation of commissions.

One special feature of CyberBranch, and of all other modules of CyberFinancial is its flexibility and adaptation capabilities to the collection model of each institution.

Benefits of CyberBranch

  • Collection increase.
  • Raises the productivity of collectors.
  • Allows collectors to manage more accounts at once.
  • Stops the aging of the portfolio.
  • Facilitates the management and control of regional and on the road collectors.
  • Facilitates and makes efficient the accounts assignment to regional and on the road collectors.
  • Improves consistency in customer service for internal and external members collection.
  • Ensures consistent application of collection strategies.