Automates all the activities of the people involved with the administrative collection of delinquent accounts

This module is designed for administrative collections, providing accurate tracking of collection activities and behavior of each customer and credit. It simplifies preventive and corrective collection. CyberCredit interfaces with any credit application and is able to receive all desired information of current and past due portfolio.

CyberCredit provides relevant information to collectors in order to manage each customer and account, it keeps track of actions taken and results obtained.

It is particularly efficient when it is used in a call center environment to collect massive credit portfolios, as well as personalized collection of delinquent business credits.

CyberCredit, as well as the other modules of CyberFinancial, may be configured and adapted to the requirements of each institution. Its flexibility goes from the design of the screens and the business rules to establish the collection strategy, all the way to the parameters that rule the follow up of the delinquent accounts and the generation of statistics. CyberCredit, is a robust system that provide solutions and benefits to medium-sized and big institutions requiring an effective collection of their portfolio.

Benefits of CyberCredit

  • Increases the recovery indexes.
  • Improves the collections staff productivity.
  • Contributes to diminish the cost of the collection operations.
  • Stops the aging of the delinquent accounts portfolio.
  • Reduces the training time for new collectors.
  • Improves the consistency and quality of all interactions with customers.

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