Automate your administrative collection

Provide proper tracking of your customers and increase your collection management effectiveness through the following tools:

Preventive Collection
Monitor delinquent accounts since day one, or those likely to become delinquent.
Collection Strategies and Actions
Implement the most adequate strategy based on the segmentation and behavior of your accounts.
Account Assignation to Managers
Assign your accounts receivable to specific managers, determining the follow-up to be given.
Collection by customer
Get the status of all accounts, register and pledge calendar.
Information Safety

Provide necessary information to the collection agent according to his/her profile.
Multiple Financial Products
View predefined screens for the collection of different financial products and work with different currencies.
Online Calculations
Get immediate calculations such as amortizations, calculation of interests or future values that might be required during the management.
Collection Call Center
Use tools such as: predictive dialers, IVR and interfaces with scoreboards available in the market.
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