Highly efficient decision networks, considering the consolidated risk at the customer or account level

The information about collection serves at least for three purposes: define strategies that fulfill and produce the best results, provide to the collectors enough information, clear and timely to negotiate with the customers and produce the adequate reports and collection indicators for measurement and follow up of the results.

CyberEngine is the base module of CyberFinancial; its functions begin with the load of the data of the customer and/or credit, from any source to the system database. Once the information is loaded, CyberEngine segments the portfolio through decision networks, helps to the definition of collection strategies and the measure of its results.

CyberEngine facilitates the refinement of strategies by making Champion-challenger tests, modifying each strategy, measuring its results and selecting those producing higher recovery, less cost and a quicker collection. With CyberEngine it is possible to implement collection scores helpful to segment and define better strategies.

Benefits of CyberEngine

  • It identifies each account and customer by its characteristics and gathers them with others of similar conditions.
  • It allows defining different payment motivators to use in the collection strategies.
  • It allows defining collection and recovery strategies.
  • Facilitates testing new strategies in a controlled way, evaluating its results through Champion/Challenger methodology.
  • It can be executed at night, or, online for a specific customer or account during the day through web services.
  • It improves the collection by allowing to customize the strategies and measure results.