Collections Technology Platform

CyberFinancial automates the tasks involved in the collection of delinquent accounts.

CyberFinancial is a technology platform that covers the full end-to-end collection process. With its seven core modules and its proven functionality and flexibility, it is a market-leading system, helping businesses improve their collections performance:

  1. Increasing the profitability of loan portfolios.

  2. Automating collections in call centres by integrating predictive dialers.

  3. Managing collections through third party recovery agencies.

  4. Managing legal collections processes.

  5. Providing tools for executives and branch agents, and door-to-door recovery.


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We have over fifteen years’ experience in automating the collection process of banks, financial and telecommunication companies, retail chains and other credit grantor institutions. This provides us with a solid background to offer consulting services which will improve collection processes for our customers.

Our consultants and distributors get involved with the objectives of our customers and ensure a thorough analysis and accurate diagnosis in collection areas, offering the following services:

  • Consulting and implementation of collection best practices.

  • Review of the entire collection processes.

  • Indicators, productivity measures and efficiency.


If the collection area of your business requires specialised consulting to improve the collection processes, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Our Professional Services Organization is responsible for the implementation of CyberFinancial, reviewing the collection model and favoring the industry’s best practices.

Inffinix Software’s methodology has been proven in over 15 different countries across in several projects. That is why we are able to deliver on time projects, strictly adjusted to the budget.

Our services include:

  • Installation, implementation and deployment of CyberFinancial.

  • Consulting on functionality of CyberFinancial.

  • CyberFinancial update with new versions of the system.

  • Training for different kinds of users: collectors, strategic managers and IT teams.

  • Consulting in information systems related to CyberFinancial and its interface.


In each interaction with our customers, we see the opportunity to increase the use of the modules already in place, to strengthen the knowledge of CyberFinancial and to put in place better solutions, increasing the return on investment.

We offer specialised courses on CyberFinancial modules, providing training on the best usage of all features and the benefits of each CyberFinancial module. Training sessions are specifically tailored for different types of users: collectors, strategic manager and IT teams.

The basic courses take two weeks and are offered at our facilities in Mexico City, according to a training schedule.

The Educational Services Organisation manages the training programmes of our clients, and keeps and updates the history of people who have been trained. So at any time, clients can see what level of training the team has.

Additionally, we and our distributors offer training that suits the needs and particular objectives of our clients.

Research shows that doubling the amount of training time on a computer system implementation project, can increase the cost of a project by 18%, but also increases the increases the internal rate of return (IRR) of the project by 200%.

The successful implementation of any system not only depends on the quality of the system itself, but also the quality of by the post-sale support.

Our Customer Service engineers and our distributors are organised to assist clients in the best use of the system and to respond quickly to any question or problem.

The Customer Service department is the contact point after the implementation of CyberFinancial throughout the life of the software. This department deals with incident resolution, concerns, questions, plans and projects related with the application.

The standard support service includes technical assistance and support around system. We are flexible enough to offer tailored support and maintenance services to fulfil individual client needs.

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