The solution for the collection of credit using legal processes

When all resources of administrative collections have been used without results, the recovery of delinquent accounts through legal processes becomes the alternative to collect and to improve the portfolio. CyberLegal is the module of CyberFinancial designed to improve collections through legal processes, it helps in the control and follow up of collection lawsuits, records the costs and keeps track of the dates and dead lines of each stage of the legal process appropriately.

When CyberLegal is used with other modules of CyberFinancial, the system provides access to all the information of the delinquent accounts; their financial history, the activity log during the administrative collection, the collateral and people related to the accounts, at the same time, it offers all the information and the elements to manage the legal process.

An important characteristic of CyberLegal is its flexibility to adapt its trial types, process stages and follow up days between stages to the norms and laws of each jurisdiction and country, and to the way of practicing the judicial collection in each institution.

A lawsuit may be registered including one or more credits belonging to the same debtor or to related persons. The control is carried out following the defined procedural steps for each type of case. The system allows time and cost management for each stage, providing follow up alerts.

Benefits of CyberLegal

  • Increases the productivity of internal and external lawyers.
  • Faster outcome of each trial.
  • Makes easier the control of the attorneys and each one of the cases.
  • Diminishes the trials lost due to lack of timely follow up.
  • Controls the costs and fees.
  • Provides demographic and financial information to the lawyers, as well as the log of the administrative collection efforts.
  • Facilitates team work by the legal and administrative collections departments.