Designed to manage and collect write off credits

The recovery efforts of Write Off accounts depend on how well the collection strategies are designed and implemented to achieve the desired results.

CyberRecovery registers and posts payments made by debtors using financial transactions defined by the administration. It calculates interests and, if necessary, makes it simple to acquit or reduce any part of the debt, it may calculate and keep the balance of each credit.

CyberRecovery has an accounting interface that posts to the general ledger the result of all financial transactions. It makes it easy to create credit packages, define the price for each credit and manage portfolio sales and the required post sale service to the purchaser and to the credits sold.

CyberRecovery like any other CyberFinancial module, is flexible and adapts to the way in which collection efforts are made in each institution.

Benefits of CyberRecovery

  • Increases the recovery index.
  • Greater productivity of the collection staff.
  • More time for the contact with debtor, minimizing administrative tasks.
  • Control of the Write Off accounts.
  • Charge back of the expenses incurred in the collection process.
  • Coordinates the collection area with the legal department.