Self-management of debts using the Internet


Allow the debtor to review his/her credit and negotiate a settlement plan, increasing the chance of recovery.

Savings on Management
After offering the customer the option to self-manage, save a considerable amount in costs.
Types of agreements
Use the types of agreements defined in CyberAgreements, where each type of agreement has its own characteristics.
Allows the customer to self-manage through the Internet.
Better quality agreements
Allows the debtor take the initiative of creating payment agreements, according to his/her capacities, generating a better fulfillment of payment.
Solution Proposals
Receive, accept and/or reject proposals made by debtors, indicating the amount of the initial payment, the number of installments, the value of each and the dates or regularity.
Look & Feel
Adopt the company standards in terms of appearance (fonts, colors, logos and safety).
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