Gestor - Credit Origination Workflow

Gestor Funcionality

Gestor is a credit management system that integrates into a single solution the applications workflow and automatic evaluation using Credit Score, the rules for credit analysis and the access to data sources such as internal or external bureau.

With Gestor you can achieve operational efficiency, reduce processing costs and improve the customer service.

In addition, you will have a solution that will provide competitive advantage through decentralization of the lending process and the centralization of the administration of the rules and policies of risk.


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Gestor is an independent industry solution, which can be implemented by Banks, Finance, Micro Finance, TELCOS, Retail and every company that sells products or services leveraged on credit.

Main Features:


  • Web Platform: On Site or Software as a Service
  • Transform into an electronic dossier all information associated to the credit process.
  • Gestor automates the entire credit application process, from prescreening to disbursement.
  • Speed up the credit risk assessment process
  • Increased efficiency in the lending process and improving customer service