InterConnect  is a world class solution used on three continents for more than 1,000 customers in segments such as Banking, Trade, Telecommunications, Government and E-Commerce and others.

InterConnect is a platform that integrates application processing, decision, business rules management, fraud prevention, compliance policies, portfolio segmentation, trend analysis, analytical models and access to data sources.

About 1 million daily requests are processed globally by InterConnect.


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InterConnect provides an environment of integrated customer information including data, aggregated attributes, statistical and decision models, as well as generation of offers according to the consumer profile; all within a dynamic, flexible and highly automated environment.


InterConnect's Characteristics:


  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Automate and centralize mission-critical business processes.
  • Support for consumer and commercial application processing and decisioning.
  • Edit credit policy business rules to respond rapidly to changing market conditions, without the need for programming support.
  • Centrally managed business rules repository
  • Sophisticated report authoring capabilities