Your data has a story to tell
What does Ignite™ offer?
Take your business to the next level. Access to statistical models and key information to optimize your strategies
Models & Scores
Statistical solutions for your business

Rating models or Scores are statistical solutions based on historical information to predict what will happen with a customer, account or account group.

At Equifax, we have state-of-the-art technologies (NeurodecisionTM) for the development of Scores that will allow you convert your data into better strategies.
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   •Increase the placement of credits
   •Reduce the credit approval time
   •Reduce your portfolio delinquency
   •Improve your cross sell and line of     credit increases strategies
   •Reduce your operational costs
   •Comprehend with greater detail the behavior of your customers and     generate better commercial offerings
   •Decrease your percentage of fraudulent customers
   •Improve your customer prospecting process

Score Types
Origination Score:
Probability of non-compliance within 12 months

Behavior Score:
Probability of keeping some status during 3 months

Collection Score:
Probability of advancing to another expiration stage

Recovery Stage:
Probability of recovery a percentage of the debt

Fraud Score:
Identifies the probability of a customer or account to be fraudulent

Attrition Score:
Probability of a customer or account to reduce its activity

Profitability Score:
Differentiate the commercial offering

Similarity Score:
Identify the likeness between customer groups.
Facilitates cross-selling.

Prospection Score:
Identify suitable candidates for specific products

Know our apps available via web

Through Equifax Ignite Marketplace, obtain access to online applications that provide dynamic dashboards with information in real time of the main indicators of your business.

With this tool, a continuous learning process is generated that will allow you to monitor, analyze and update strategies at any moment.
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   •Analyze your information in a graphic, immediate and dynamic manner.

   • Obtain insights easily and improve your strategies

   • Visualize your information in real time and execute immediate actions

Portfolio Insights
Track all the segments of your portfolio in an automated, efficient manner.
Collections Analytics
Upload the information to the cloud and carry out visualizations of the evolution of your portfolio.
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Models & Scores Information
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