Solutions for TELCOS

The telecommunications business every day becomes more dynamic and changeable. Telephone companies face different challenges every day, from the entry of new competitors in the industry to quality assurance for services to increase customer satisfaction.

That's why there is a continued focus on the following key elements: efficient and effective management to reduce loss of income, planned growth optimizing costs without compromising service quality, increase ARPU in a business where rates have fallen due to the pressure of competitors.

Considering these elements, Equifax provides TELCOS with solutions to automate the process of acquiring new customers, making optimal profiling to reach the right deal and offer, depending on the consumer’s characteristics

Equifax solutions also focus on the portfolio management processes, helping TELCOS to better understanding of their consumer’s behavior,  through consulting, data analysis and implementation of advanced custom analytical models , in order to be able to identify propensity or prevent churn.

Equifax also helps telecommunications companies to manage the collection process comprehensively, from preventive to corrective perspective, leveraging profitability by reducing costs for bad debt.