Consulting services which will improve collection processes

We are committed to the success of the collection projects of our customers.Therefore, we have developed consulting services to review and improve these collection models and processes, and to implement CyberFinancial using the industry’s best practices.

To achieve full coverage globally and to ensure the best service, we have appointed distributors located in strategic geographical areas.Our distributors are experts in collections and services related to CyberFinancial.


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Specially designed to inform the people in charge of the recovery, the performance of the process through indicators. It has management and operative reports that allow monitoring the indicators of the recovery process, as well as to facilitate the definition of new reports and graphics according to the needs of each institution.

Balanced Score Card for the collection industry. CyberVision is a reach set of reports, graphs and dashboards with key performance indicators, specifically designed for professional collectors that allows an interactive and intuitive view of the collection process. It allows the users to quickly create new reports and indicators based on CyberFinancial’s data.

CyberContact increases the number of contacts to debtors using multiple techniques, including predictive dialers, SMS and e-mail capabilities. It also analyses results of contact intents, ranks and telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. With all of them, it increases the quality of contact data of debtors and makes it easier and faster to get a hold of them when needed.

It transforms data into information that is easy to understand and that improves the decision making process. It is a practical and easy to use tool to make personalized queries.

Thanks to its intuitive graphic interface, it is possible to extract any data set to perform deep analysis of the performance and follow up of the accounts, as well as the various tasks of the collection department.

Increases productivity of collectors and profitability of the portfolio by using models to predict the risk of each account and client, this way facilitates the design of collection strategies that use the level of risk as differentiating criteria.

The collection score allows to assign the appropriate strategy and adequate collection efforts to achieve an increase in the total amount collected, to minimize bad debt and charge-offs and to achieve better utilization of available resources; all of these factors, impact positively on the results of the institution.

The collection scores facilitate lenders to improve the service to their customers by identifying those who paid without being subject to collection, avoiding activities that disturb reliable customers.

Negotiating with a debtor counting with the appropriate information and specific plans designed for each kind of debtor, facilitates an agreement with high probability of being fulfilled and that solves the needs of the institution and of the debtor.

Allows the definition through parameters, of different types of negotiation schemes with clients, associate the types of schemes of the appropriate accounts depending on their characteristics, and negotiate them with the debtors. Once agreed, the system facilitates the follow up of these agreements, informs about their existence to the central systems at the right moment and cancels them in case of not receiving the agreed payments.

Is the ideal tool to negotiate the best arrangements depending on the type of client and their credit situation, follow-up of the received payments and agreements, achieving an increase in the collection and getting back clients who otherwise, would have been lost.

Allows debtors to enter the website of the institution and make proposals to pay their bills. For each contract or for each customer, the institution can predefine different types of possible and acceptable agreements, each one with discount conditions, term and different rate. Debtors proposals are validated and accepted or rejected, being able to follow them up to negotiate better terms with the client. At the same time, it is possible to collect and update information of contact with the debtor.

This module of CyberFinancial tracks the accepted proposals allowing to know if they are met or broken, and provides the means to act accordingly.

Specifically designed to properly distribute the portfolio to each individual collector, to facilitate the collector Access to its assigned accounts, to create visit plans and to keep track of the collection actions taken and the results that were obtained using mobile devices.

Keeps track of each collectors’ portfolio stock and calculates indicators about their performance; it also makes it easy to calculate collector commissions.

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